Taco Heads


rMany Fort Worthians are already familiar with the Taco Heads food truck that would prowl the streets of West 7th starting back in 2010. The insanely high demand for their food initially caused owner Sarah Castillo to buy more trucks. Now, to the delight of her loyal followers, Castillo and managing partner Jacob Watson have been coaxed into opening a permanent location. It’s most distinguishing characteristic is the fact that it’s a sweetly small, authentic Brick and Mortar building. The closeness of the quarters didn’t deter any customers from entering and cozying up to an amazing taco, though. What was especially appealing for me in particular were the ingredients used; Taco Heads guarantees to never use additives or man-made chemicals in their food, a regulation that is finally becoming a higher priority in restaurants. Oh, and not to mention their tacos are DELICIOUS. Another awesome additive? There are plans for a full bar and outdoor patio to be completed spring of 2016, a good initiative for an area where residents are always seeking an outdoor dining locale. Come in and grab a taco and a cocktail, or call for catering/drop-off options for your next event!

1812 Montgomery St.


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