The Lathery

The Lathery opened its doors this past Friday and is the brainchild of Jonathan Morris, owner of Fort Worth Barbershop. The store offers some of the best carefully selected grooming products you can get a hold of in the city for men. These include among others hairstyling, shaving, toothpaste, and soap products. In an age of Amazon where everything seems to be shifting towards e-commerce, Jonathan has a vision for offering good old fashioned top notch customer service to those that walk through the door. If you’re unsure about a product, an attendant is always happy to assist your needs and tend to your questions. The store also features Fort Worth Barber Shop’s 2nd location with two barbers set up by appointment. To sum it up, this¬†one stop shop for guys¬†looking to feel and look their best.

200 Carroll Street, Suite 170
Fort Worth, Texas, 76107

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