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If you’ve never been to an authentic barbershop, you’re missing out on an exceptional grooming experience. Local Barber of Fort Worth is one of the latest barbershops to open in Fort Worth. Owner, Johnathan Razo, was born and raised in Fort Worth. He grew up going to his grandfather’s barbershop in Sundance Square and saw the dedication that he put into delivering a great experience to everyone who sat in his chair for a haircut. After 4 years of being a barber he decided to branch out and open his own barber shop in the heart of Sundance Square and former location of his grandfather’s shop. We think you’ll love the vintage feel of the shop as well as the barber experience Johnathan and his team deliver. Learn more about Johnathan and his team at Local Barber of Fort Worth below!

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115 West 2nd Street Suite 108
Fort Worth, TX, 76102


Local Barber of Fort Worth owner Johnathan Razo


Q:Introduce yourself

A: My name is Johnathon Razo 30 yrs old . Im born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. I have been a barber for 4 years. Im married and have a 6y old son named Enzo and a another baby Boy on the way. I volunteer for the community on Mondays cutting hair at Saint Patrick Church for the homeless

Q: What kind of experience do you want your clients to have when they come to you? 

A: For my clients I want them to have the best experience possible. Not only do I want them to feel like they’ve had the best haircut ever. I want to make sure they have a great conversation. We greet every client by there first name and a handshake.

I want to bring back the traditional barbershop. I hunted down four 1900’s Koken Barber chairs that I took to company to get totally revamped. I want to bring the tradition back when dads and their sons got haircuts. I want this barbershop to be the best, I want to show Fort Worth how it should be done by someone who’s a barber and an owner. Barbering is my life and its not something that’s a fad. Its hear to stay.

Q: Tell us about the team you work with. 

A: Our team at Local Barber of Fort Worth is like none other. When opening up Local Barber of Fort Worth we didn’t just want any barbers. We wanted the best barbers. We wanted barbers that not only loved there craft but want to put the extra effort to make every client feel special and to make the barbershop the best in Fort Worth.

Q: Your barbershop has family history, tell us about what make your location special. 

A: Being in Sundance holds a special place in my heart. As a kid growing up going downtown to see my grandpa at his barbershop was something that was the coolest thing. Listening to his conversations with his clients and seeing him put 110% into each haircut. My Grandpa Joe has been a barber in Sundance Square for over 30 years. He has had the honor of cutting the bass’s hair to professional athletes. No matter what creed or color he always treated his clients as equals and appreciated each person that walked into his door. Our location now was occupied by my grandpa for 10 years after being relocated from his previous spot next door. He was moved after the revitalization on downtown. He retired last year and still cut occasionally for his VIP clients.

When envisioning where I would open up a barbershop I thought about Downtown. It was the first place I had ever worked as a barber and with my grandpa. Being born and raised here and seeing downtown become a hot spot for locals and tourist visiting Fort Worth, I thought what better way to show Fort Worth what a barbershop should be and to show the city how to keep the tradition alive. Fort Worth is what makes our business special and we hope to share it with everyone that stops by.

Q: What are your favorite place to eat in Fort Worth?

A: West side Cafe, Paris Cafe,Dos Molinas, Tokyo Cafe, Heim BBQ, Swiss Pastry Shop.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Fort Worth?

My favorite thing about Fort Worth is the community and the hospitality. Fort Worth is special place being born and raised here and seeing the city change and grow has been a great achievement for this city. The community has supported our business and will help us grow and one day expand to multiple locations. Its still has the small city feel with a big and ever expanding heart.

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