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May 26, 2017

LEAGUE Real Estate is your friendly neighborhood real estate company that is looking to shake up the real estate market in Fort Worth.  Co-Founders Matt, Jeff, and Luke teamed up to open LEAGUE in January of 2017 but they are not rookies at this. They put their years of experience together to create a work environment in which everyone is valued and as a result their agents give their very best to each client. What drives them to be the best at what they do? People. They truly care about the client and the home buying and selling experience. One thing that really stands out to us is the way they market their homes. They really take the time to create a strategy for clients who are selling their homes and go all out to ensure your home is marketed well. Check out the Q & A below to get to know them more!

How did League Real Estate come to be?

LEAGUE was launched in January 2017 by Matt Lewis, Jeff Anderson and Luke Syres; three friends, fathers and business partners with a passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Jeff and Luke had been dreaming of starting their own real estate brokerage for years, but it wasn’t until their mutual friend Matt, a broker of 12 years, brought his business experiences to the three and the pieces came together. As Jeff would say, “he completes us”.  All three have unique skill sets and together make a great team for running a successful Fort Worth real estate brokerage.

What makes you passionate about what you do?

We believe in serving people. We believe in our agents and we believe in our community. We named LEAGUE based on the definition of the word. LEAGUE is a collection of people, that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual cooperation. What is our purpose? Serving others in all of their real estate buying or selling needs to the very best of our abilities. We are #readytoserve.

What would you say makes you stand out from other real estate firms?

Three things… Our team office culture, our processes/marketing, and our technology.

We’re not your typical real estate company. Our office was designed in a way to curate collaboration and community. One of our core values at LEAGUE is cooperation. We desire to create a culture of job satisfaction, community, and teamwork. We seek to engage one another, collaborate, build long-term relationships, and encourage, challenge and support one another so that we exist as a “work family.”

League’s processes are designed to be proactively involved in agent success through forward thinking resources, collaborative working environments, and resource management. We are a paperless office providing real-time reporting. We impact the community in which we serve through meaningful service.

We take a fresh approach to the traditional real estate model in our marketing by stepping deeper into media. We’ve partnered with a professional media company and collaborate together to market each listing creatively and uniquely.

In your opinion why is Fort Worth a great place to live?

Rapid growth, business friendly, small town feel, the arts, education, great resources and fun things to do are just a few of the reasons we love Fort Worth. Ultimately, we believe the people are what make this city such a special place to live. Fort Worthians are the friendliest in the country, in our humble opinion.

How do you see the real estate landscape changing in the city the next few years?

The landscape around the Fort is changing, growing, spreading and re-developing rapidly. The anticipated growth, diversified industries, warm culture and climate all contribute to the desirability of this great town. We see the arts continuing to be nurtured, the west developing rapidly, and values to be on the rise. It is common to hear someone say, “That is so Fort Worth” when someone makes a connection between two relationships…and in such a friendly, environment — this is a good thing!

What are some of the team’s favorite locals spots to eat/shop?

Hmmm…this list could get lengthy! Our office is off of West 7th street so we often walk over to several nearby eateries: Velvet Taco, Cork & Pig Tavern, Terra, Sushi Axiom or Kona Grill. We will probably frequent Hop Doddy Burgers when it opens later this year! You can often find us at Central Market with our families. We also enjoy spots off University such as HG Sply and East Hampton, as well as good Mexican food.

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