Fort Worth Central Public Library

May 10, 2015

Fort Worth Central Public Library

There are several locations around the city of Fort Worth where you can grab a great book to read but there are none like the Fort Worth Central public library. The city’s first library began in 1892 as an idea by 20 women (source). Since then, it has expanded to 16 locations, over 2 million books and 220 staff. Walking through the maze of books is quite impressive and you can get lost in books for hours. The facility is very well kept and there is an atmosphere of learning all over. In addition to books, there are small art exhibits and areas for teens and children to learn. The library system in Fort Worth has been around for more than 100 years and it continues to grow and evolve through the years. Most recently they have launched an app that conveniently places a lot of useful features at your fingertips.They just held the Worth Reading Celebration, an initiative aims to get everyone in the city of Fort Worth to read. For children it is especially fun because it enhances their summer reading programs with enjoyable activities. We highly encourage you to stop by and explore one of the libraries near you!

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